Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The Bumblebee's Knees

I have no idea what these flowers are, but they are growing in the alleyway near my place and the bumblebees bloody love them. And, as it happens, I like bees and so it had afforded me some great opportunities to take pictures of them. 

I have used the Hipstamatic App to take these ( if you don't know anything about it). For the pic above, I used the John S lens option (probably my favourite overall) and the Sugar colour film option with the Jolly Rainbo 2X flash. Really brings out the colours - deep, rich tones, very sharp.

Bot B&W shots use the John S lens with Claunch 72 Monochrome film option. I used the Jolly Rainbo 2X flash for the later pic but the first pics is sans flash. I don't know enough about the biology and habits of bees to understand why the bumblebees seem to fill up on pollen and then just... I don't know... nap (?) inside these flowers, but they do. This guy was sitting there, still calm, listless and was doing the same when I came back 20 minutes later.

These last ones were actually among the first to be shot almost a week ago. The top two use the Sugar film option, again, along with the Loftus lens option. The second picture utilises the Cherry Shine flash. The Last picture uses the Libatique 73 lens and Float film options. 

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