Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Coffee Shops

I spend a lot of time in coffee shops. I like coffee. I like coffee shops. Here in Saskatoon there aren't many coffee shops that I like. To be fair, I always forget about Cafe Sola. It's tucked away in a spot I never think about, never really wander past - but I heard it's good. I dislike Tim Hortons and the local chain, Broadway Roastery has never been a good experience. The closet shop to me is City Perks. A bit too... prissy, girly. And the coffee isn't great and they served they worst coffee cake I have ever had. (and don't get me started on current trends for coffee cake)
Here in Saskatoon, I usually end up at Starbucks. I can deal with the coffee, it's clean, neutral and most of the staff are pretty good. I also end up taking a lot of pictures there. However, I did include a few shots from Vancouver and one from Victoria.

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