Tuesday, 31 July 2012

29 July, 2012 (New Posts Below This One)

In August 2011, I picked up my first iPhone. My old phone was dying a slow and horrible death and needed to be retired. Initially, I barely touched the camera. For me this was a phone, computer and iPod. Digital cameras... meh. Not that I could afford to keep developing film for my old 35mm Minolta, though.
Employment is a funny thing for me. I have frequently gone back and forth from part time to full time, covering for people while away or people who retired and for training new personnel. I never make enough to get back into my love of painting and my job keeps me from attending life drawing sessions. Writing wise I am a bit... dry? Unmotivated? I dunno. I need an outlet. As you can guess, that ended up being the camera on my phone. And it all started with Instagram. 
I have posted over 1600 photos since Novenmber 2011 and I decided to start this blog to re-post photos that I really liked and series of shots I took that I just wanted to share elsewhere other than Instagram. 


A note about this photo. This was the photo where I felt I had really broken through and started seeing through the lens in a more artistic way. It looks great inverted as well. I shot this in November 2011. I do regret shooting it with the Lo-fi filters frame. 

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