Monday, 30 July 2012

Blooming pictures

Brian Eno teamed up with Peter Chilvers to create a generative music application for the iProducts, Bloom. (also Trope and Air from I like the App and play with it frequently, sometimes just letting it fly on its own ambient autopilot. I recently learned how to generate my own screen shots and, frankly, Bloom is a natural for snapping screenshot.
I took those screenshots and opened them in the photo editing app, Snapseed, to create what you see in this post.

This was the first one. I just tapped wildly on the screen and took the screen shot. It is pretty typical of a first attempt. Too busy. The following pictures were what I worked on tonight.

The next shot was a compilation of the first three from above (the fourth was just too different) which I combined using Fuzel. This is the one I posted on Instagram.

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